Fun and Enriching Toys for Sugar Gliders

Want a special surprise for your sugar gliders delivered to your door each month?  The Crafty Glider monthly box features an assortment of safe toys, treats, enrichment items, and cage accessories.

What is the Crafty Glider monthly box?

Each month 3-5 fun surprises will be delivered to your doorstep for you and your sugar gliders to enjoy.  Every box will contain at least one toy that has been handmade at Crafty Glider, as well as a variety of enrichmentment items, cage accessories, and treats.  Some boxes will also contain an exclusive sugar glider themed surprise for you as well!

How It Works

1. Choose your plan

Sign up for the Crafty Glider box, and choose whether you would like to subscribe to the monthly plan, or sign up for 3 or 6 months.

2. A specially curated box is sent on it's way to you

I will start preparing your box for you right away.  Crafty Glider boxes renew on the 5th of every month, and ship between the 14th-18th.

3. Your sugar gliders love their special surprise each month

You are sure to have very happy sugar gliders when their Crafty Glider box arrives!