Every toy from Crafty Glider is handmade with love, and every item sent out has been carefully inspected for safety.  Crafty Glider is a small business, owned and operated by only myself.  I put my heart into every package I send out and work endlessly to make sure you and your gliders are happy.  I am truly passionate about assisting you in providing a safe and enriching environment for your babies, and am excited you are here.


A little about Crafty Glider...

I'm Amanda, and I have 4 sweet sugar gliders that I love more than anything!  I am very passionate about providing them with the best life that I can, which includes doing whatever I can to provide a very stimulating and enriching environment for them.  

Crafty Glider was born from my love of creating.  Designing toys was a natural step, combining my passion for creating new things and my passion for gliders.  I create every toy with my gliders in mind, and they own one of every toy I design, meaning I trust that  they are as safe as possible.  I make every item with love, and I hope your babies love them as much mine do! 

Meet the Crafty Glider crew

Full of love

My first glider, Drogo, was the start to my love of sugar gliders. The heart in his fur in this photo reminds me how full of love they are.  They are the reason I am so passionate about what I do.

Avid treat testers

They are happy to let me know which treats they think other gliders will enjoy!  They also let me know which toys provide the best foraging options, as that is one of their favorite activities.

Toy enthusiasts

Here is my little Finley, loving his coconut toy I made them.  Their toy collection includes one of every toy I have designed and watching how they play and interact with them inspires how I design new toys.

You can also find Crafty Glider on Etsy

The full line of Crafty Glider toys are also available on Etsy.